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Anchor Removals Reviews

Company Name: Anchor Removals
Address: Unit 8,Pilot Industrial Estate,Manchester Road,Bolton,BL3 2ND,
Telephone: 01204 397077
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Manchester Removal Review
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Review: Anchor Removals - Overall Rating: 5

Anchor removals are based in Manchester which h is situated in the North West of England. It is the third largest industrial city in the UK after London and Birmingham and has a population of 2. 5 Million. Investment after the 1996 Manchester bombings saw Manchester hurtling into competitive business and industrialisation. It is ranked a beta city by the Globalisation and World Cities Research Network. Manchester had an estimated GDP of US $92 billion in 2014 so is very successful and also well connected by road and by rail. It was in Manchester where they split the atom and developed the first stored program computer. Anchor Removals are a reputable firm and are registered with the British Association of Removers, (BAR). BAR pride themselves on good service, speedy removals and safe deliveries they also offer back up to the removal service meaning you have someone to sort out any problems. BAR only accept professional and trustworthy firms. Anchor will deal with your queries in a straight forward and courteous manner offering clear communication and friendly service. They are quick to respond to any queries and offer speedy quotes. They operate abroad and in the UK and deal with private removals as well as office and business. They also offer great value for money. Their prices are competitive and give good value. Anchor Removals are easily found on the web where their address and phone numbers are listed. They have issued a useful removal guide which takes you through the removal process step by step in clear easy to understand language, you can simply send off for this. For efficient and fast service, Anchor Removals could be the company for you. They offer a reputable business, they are trustworthy and reliable and also great value for money.
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7. Anchor Removals Review
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Review: Anchor Removals - Overall Rating: 5

They offer everything from office and home removals to international removals. Their site is packed with everything you need to know about their services and is accordingly arranged. You can also apply for their free removal guide through the site which explains everything you need to know in case you are looking for their removal services. Their site has been registered to BAR (British Association of Removers) therefore they are known for their trustworthy and fast services. You can easily contact them through the contact information available on their site and they respond to your requests very quickly as well.