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Atlantis Forwarding Ltd Reviews

Company Name: Atlantis Forwarding Ltd
Address: 36 Bennett Road,Leeds, LS6 3HN,
Telephone: 01132 789191
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Atlantis Forwarding Ltd
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Review: Atlantis Forwarding Ltd - Overall Rating: 4.5

When I finally decided that I am going to shift my living place, the first challenge I had to encounter was the selection of the most reliable and efficient removal company. In fact, I was not in a mood to risk my precious furniture and other household articles by handing it over to a non professional removing company. And then I came across Atlantis Forwarding Ltd. I went through its website, I went through the offers they made, I went through reviews on this company and I finally came up with a decision that Yes! This is the company I was looking for. A perfect company by all means.
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