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Britannia Greers Reviews

Company Name: Britannia Greers
Address: Isla Bank Mills,Keith,Banffshire,Scotland,AB55 5DD,
Telephone: 01542 880333 / 01343 545307
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Britannia Greers Removals Company
Posted on by admin
Review: Britannia Greers - Overall Rating: 5

Britannia Greers is a family owned business and is part of Britannia Movers International. The company is also part of BAR and have achieved a high quality standard.
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Brittania Greers
Posted on by reviews
Review: Britannia Greers - Overall Rating: 5

A well established entity in the Removal & Relocation services business for over 40 years now, Britannia Greers focus on offering secure transportation and relocation system for both corporate and domestic customers alike. With an excellent presence in the north east of Scotland, they provide both domestic and international removal services in addition to renting out space for temporary and long term storage of materials in their warehouse. Their domestic services range from car transport to packaging of household items, in addition to providing Insurance during the period of the Shipping & Storage. Also sensitive document management is handled by them during the relocation.
Washing machine removal
Posted on by lindsay
Review: Britannia Greers - Overall Rating: 5

I was impressed by the efficiency and professionalism of this company. The collection time and date and delivery date were as promised, transport bolts were installed in the machine. Both movers and office staff friendly and helpful