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Company Name: Delahaye Moving
Address: 27 Wates Way,Mitcham,Surrey, CR4 4HR,
Telephone: 020 8687 0400
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Posted on by admin
Review: Delahaye Moving - Overall Rating: 3

Delhaye moving is a privately owned removals company that prides themselves on excellent customer service.
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would not use them again
Posted on by customerfeedback77
Review: Delahaye Moving - Overall Rating: 3

I used Delahaye for my move back from Paris to London, as they appeared to be a partner of the UK company (k2moving) that had organized my move from London to Paris (and which had been flawless). However, dealing with Delahaye was a completely different story – more like my experiences with French bureaucracy than with a service-driven and customer-oriented company. The guy I dealt with (Brian) was not only completely useless, but also obviously relishing in being unhelpful. First thing, after I had told them my moving details the documentation I was supposed to obtain by post never arrived – I had to ask for it to be sent to me by email instead. The documentation came without any explanation, but I was told that if I wanted insurance for the interim storage I would have to fill in an extra form, listing every single item I wanted to have insured. This seemed a slightly excessive formality, so I just asked for everything to be insured. Apparently this was not possible, so I ended up without insurance (supposedly only for the storage period). Second, their storage was closed between Christmas and New Year’s, when I needed access to my things. I had specifically asked beforehand whether I would have access during that period and had been assured that this would not be a problem. Very annoying. Third, when arranging for the final delivery to my new London address, a whole new set of charges popped up, none of which had ever been mentioned before (in addition to the moving fee, which I had already paid). In particular, I was charged a whopping “additional delivery charge for Saturday working” of 416 EUR plus taxes, charge for obtaining a parking permit in London of 170 EUR plus taxes, “warehouse handling charge” of 64 EUR plus taxes etc. All things taken together this almost doubled the costs of the move. Also, when I asked for a single invoice listing all these charges for reimbursement with my employer, Brian flatly told me that issuing such a document was “not possible.” Finally, at the delivery, one of their guys broke a lamp – he was very apologetic about it and said they would send me a claims form and I would get reimbursed. However, when I contacted Brian with regard to reimbursement I was told that, since I had not been taking out their insurance (in this regard see above), I would only be reimbursed on the basis of the volume of the lamp – adding insult to injury, he asked me to fill in a claims form for 1.68 EUR. At this point I did not bother replying any more. All I can say is that I wouldn’t use Delahaye again even if they paid me for moving my stuff around. There are other companies out there that don’t treat their customers like ****e.