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F+N Worldwide Logistics Ltd Reviews

Company Name: F+N Worldwide Logistics Ltd
Address: Unit 14, Autumn Park, Dysart Road, Grantham, Lincolnshire
Telephone: 01476 579210
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This matter has been resolved
Posted on by Tuppen001
Review: F+N Worldwide Logistics Ltd - Overall Rating: 5

This matter has been resolved. F&N took payment from me for an international move from UK to Bermuda. The company I work for inadvertently paid too.
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Posted on by reviews
Review: F+N Worldwide Logistics Ltd - Overall Rating: 5

I have been looking for a removal company that I can use for a job I have coming up and I found FN Worldwide Logistics Ltd. Their website is great and I am definitely going to be considering them for my upcoming move. I also was very impressed with their quick response to my email.